Fine Tunning
11h33 Tuesday
3rd September,
route, drawing, update

Good Morning, Africa!

I have spent the last few months re-writting the algorithm in order to accomodate the informal and randomness of teksis/khumbis (mini-bus taxis). No, they are not yet included on this version because as I was doing that we realised we could make this thing work much much better than what it was.  Let me illustrated that.


I mean, what the hell does that even mean? I hated this result so much that I focused my energies in making sure we give you as precise as possible routing.

if you can't see your way to be somewhere then there is no point of this application.

With that said,


This is the end result. Clearer, visibile routing — I am pedantic — to the point where shown routes appear on the right side of the road, in the right direction of traffic.

But, glory aside, let me run down a few other updates that I have applied.

  1. I have included the 'options' button on the screen, this will come in handy when the teksi routes are integrated — those routes are greedy, you might want to fine tune which mode of transport you want to you use.
  2. The URL (web address) will no longer contain the #, but this allows you to go back and forth to view previously searched for routes/directions and makes sharing 'a way to be' at a pinic easier.

With every achievement, there is always room for failure, they say.

  1. This algorithm is new — it is actually more documented than any I've done before — so, there are places where you'd say, "but why would I want to get off the bus here and walk across the street to the station, when I can just get off at the station?". I am aware of a few of those but I have resorted to proving (logically) any changes before applying them.
  2. The teksi routes are still not included — that will happen by October.
  3. The forms need better design, that is work in progress.
  4. I have not included any new routes yet, adding routes is a trivial task, once I have integrated teksi routes, we will then add more routes.

As it stands today, there is no time restriction — this is to say if you were to look for a way to be around 10pm, you will get a response which would propably tell you the next bus is in 8 hours. It is not a problem for now but that will have to change because if a specific bus starts running at 8pm you don't want to see it included when you are searching at 10am.

And that scenario has presented a strange problem for me, which I intend to solve by allowing you (via options) to restrict your searching to be 'time sensitive' or 'discovery' — discovery makes more sense if you are planning your movements the night before.

Lastly and sadly my mobile phone(s) got stolen and thus I have only seen the end results of this update via simulation. If estimations are correct BlackBerry users should have a better view/use of this application:

On some BlackBerry phones (depending on the available screen size) the map is hidden from view — it just makes more sense: this is not a 'mapping application', it is about finding a way to be anywhere.

Alas, please do let me know — via twitter, facebook and/or email if anything is broken or if you want to share ideas.

Aluta, Continua.

lebogang nkoane
an Alter Native.

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