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21h11 Tuesday
17th September,
teksi, mini-bus, taxi, updates

Hello, Africa!

Yes. We have finally incoporated teksis (aka mini-bus taxis aka khumbis) into the application. Try it out, yes? This is a momumentous occation, for us, and hopefully for you.


As, I have said before, teksi routes are greedy, they run half of Johannesburg north — and those are the ones I know. You are advised to set your options and choose which mode of transport (and provider) your prefer.

I have only included three routes (those I could remember from memory) from where I live, Alexandra Township.

  1. Local
  2. Sandton
  3. Randburg
  4. Town

They are, as expected, testing cases. I will add more as time moves on but as I have said many times: I need your help in plotting and getting access to routes' data. In fact, I do plan on building a way to contribute — that should be fun. It is my next milestone before year end.

What is very important 'bout this version is that, now, I can truly say:

this is a way to be anywhere.

As is, with anything new added into a system, problems follow. We have run tests on +130 possible scenarios but we don't live everywhere, and you do, so hopefully you will assist in identifying them and letting us know.

Aluta, Continua.

lebogang nkoane
an Alter Native.

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