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22h38 Wednesday
19th February,
2014, new year, myciti, metrorail, cape town, nairobi, kenya, routes

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It has been a while since I've communicated a few thoughts here, but in our defence we were focused in a few other things, as great and wonderful those few things were. The biggest challenge is always getting data (or information rather) of public transport routes, but, I am of the school of thought that:

If you can't get it their way, you carve a new way.

With that said, we have updated the Cape Town MyCiTi routes, we have all except for two routes that go to Camps Bay (106 and 107). They require much more delicate analysis to understand their scheduling, but, in good time.

On the other scale we have decided to take off all Cape Town Metrolrail routes until they implement their 'Frequency Based Timetables'. I do believe then, we will provide a better service and experience.

The really good news, albeit, not being able to find more routes within South Africa we have acquired a dataset of Nairobi's bus transit system. Yay! That excites us, alas, it will take us this weekend to plug it and test it for accuracy and correctness. It should go be live by Tuesday (fingers crossed nothing else breaks).

Truth be told, the algorithm, built into this is custom built in away that it gets a greater understanding (as in: it learns) there more diverse dataset is. Above that, I am also learning a lot about public transport especially around the communication thereof.

Aluta, Continua!

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